Installation Guide for Windows Mobile 6.x Devices

You should create your online account before completing the installation steps. For more information on creating your account, see the User Guide. After you have created your account, follow each section below to install Mobile Spy v.4.0 to your Windows Mobile 6.x device.

NOTE: This build introduces the ability to view all PHOTOS and VIDEOS taken by the device! In addition, it will also log all GPS LOCATIONS!

The new interface for Windows Mobile 6.x devices does show an option to monitor E-MAIL, but this feature is not currently available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of Mobile Spy and these installation instructions are for Windows Mobile v6.x ONLY!

1. Completely remove any previous version of Mobile Spy using these uninstallation instructions. If you have never installed Mobile Spy on your device before, then go to step 2.

2. On your PC, follow the appropriate URL for your phone's Windows version and save the file to your PC:

If you are using Windows Mobile 6.x Standard, use this URL:

If you are using Windows Mobile 6.x Professional, use this URL:

3. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable. Windows Mobile Device Center will open on your PC. When it does, click Connect to phone without changing settings.

4. On your PC, navigate to the location on your PC where you saved the wm.CAB file. Right-click the wm.CAB file and click COPY.

5. In Windows Mobile Device Center,
move the mouse over the File Management section and click on Browse the contents of your device.

Once the explorer brings up your phone, navigate to My Documents, right-click the mouse and PASTE the wm.CAB file there. The file should appear.

6. On your phone, go to Start > Applications > File Explorer. Navigate to the My Documents folder.

7. Highlight the wm.CAB file and select it to INSTALL. Follow the screens to install.

8. Now you can delete the wm.CAB file from the My Documents folder.

9. Go ahead and navigate back to your phone's main screen from where you would dial a phone number. Dial

#123456789* and press SEND to bring up the Mobile Spy login screen.

10. Type in your username and password
EXACTLY as you had created them. Capitalization MUST
match. Next, if you want to specifically configure Mobile Spy to monitor specific options, select

11. This next screen will appear. Here you will be able to select what monitoring options you want Mobile Spy to record as well as the interval that the GPS positions will be recorded.

Inside the Upload Settings it does show an option to monitor E-MAIL, but this feature is not currently available.

12. Once you have configured Mobile Spy for your needs, select OPTIONS and then LOGIN. Mobile Spy will automatically hide.


You are now ready to monitor using Mobile Spy. To check logs, go to the login page for Mobile Spy v.4.0.

See the general User Guide for more info on checking logs.

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